Working on some stylized BW’s

Here are some samples of some shots we created for a client that was looking for “something else”, something a bit out of the ordinary that would give the simple headshot a bit more jazz. Click on the photos to have a closer look. You will notice they are somewhere between illustrative and photographic.  We have been getting a ton of great feedback on this look.

bw headshotssm

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Added a Drone to the arsenal

Check out our recent aerial gallery.  We just got our FAA certification.  What sets us apart from the competition? Our wicked photoshop skills that will take the photo to the next level.


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Splash! Looking to land a client!



Created a bit of a mess, but came out with a pretty sweet sample to bring in a new client.  This stuff is always a blast!

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Showing a composite – we actually do quite a few.

lindsaysmallWe shot the girl in the Studio and used a background to bring it all together. We think it is pretty fun. We will be working on a few more soon. So please check back.

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Working on a car portfolio

I have been around a lot of nice cars all my life. Almost take them for granted. I started shooting racing near Elkhart Lake – Road America at around the age of twelve. Probably suffered a bit of hearing loss from being around all those noisy machines. They are fun, they can be sexy, they can be mean and they can be soft, and of course a lot of other things as well. So I decided to beef up my car photography portfolio. I will be adding more as we go forward. I just thought I would share these. If you have a car that you want some beautiful shots of, let me know. I am doing a very special offer at present to help me add to the samples.  Give a call at 262-515-7309, or simply email me here.
Want to see more samples- 

Still and Motion Photography

Still and Motion Photography

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Working in Milwaukee w/BMO Harris and Everfi

We were thrilled to work for DC based Everfi and their partner BMO Harris bank.  They have started a program to educate student about finances in High School!  Great program with life time benefits- I am a huge huge fan of this type of work.  I only wish that it was available when I was a student in High school..



What was also interesting is years ago, I had three brothers that attended this school,  Riverside University High
School.  Small world in the end!

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A recent property shoot


We shoot all types of properties- for everyone.  Need to see more samples?

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Here are a couple of shots from a Corporate Headshot project we did last week.

Headshots, CorporateHad some fun shooting some headshot for a company last week.  Loved the environment!!

Want to see more? Have a look here!

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Shooting cars!!!

When the weather was cooperative had some fun doing a little car photos “at speed” – Planning on more, so please check back. We had a lot of fun doing this. Stay tuned!!!!

Working on a new portfolio

Working on a new portfolio

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Tips on hiring a photographer

The best thing a client can do for the photographer is to give an accurate assessment of the project they need photographed. If you are unsure of the details, a good photographer should be able to ask the right questions to assess the project and the outcome as well as the estimated costs.  Samples photos of either the product or the facilities can be very  helpful. Look for a photographer that has experience if quality is important. When viewing the photographer’s work, look for something that is similar to what your needs are. Not every photographer can shoot any project. Mixed lighting situations can be challenging. A realistic shot list that can be shared with the photographer prior to the shoot will also aid in the flow and preparation of your project. When looking for a quote, it is to your advantage as well as the photographer’s to quote “on the project” vs. the outdated “day rate” When you have your photography scheduled- make sure all involved on your end is prepared and ready for the shoot. I have had so many occasions where I came in and the place or products were not ready- simply because the employees were not informed.


Great photography takes time, proper preparation, as well as a good understanding of your business. Sample photos even if not of good quality can be an excellent tool of communication for the photog prior to the shoot. When you schedule a shoot, make sure the photog has a liason that can get what might be needed quickly. Today everyone has a camera and are calling themselves a photographer- if your people, product or facilities is important to you, hire someone with experience. Often the higher price tag will be cheaper in the long run, with time saved and better quality. If you already have a budget established it is often a very good idea to share this with your photographer.  In some instances your budget may be unrealistic, however it does give you a place to start to see if your objectives can be achieved, or what options you might have.

The majority of our work is business to business. Our expertise includes people, real estate, industrial locations, Annual Reports, corporate capabilities. We have over 20 years of experience. The benefit to you is, you can be assured of a professional, timely and well done project.

We shoot aerial, people, places and product. Our experience spans more than two decades. Have a look at our work and call to talk about your project.  To see more of our work please review our website at

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