Aerial Photography & Video

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Great aerial photography can now be done with a drone!

We recently acquired our airman certificate which means we can shoot aerials from the drones w/full FAA credentials.

So not only can you benefit from our aerials photography skills, we can take the photos to the next level with our post production skills.
Not much competition there!

Firstlight Creative photography has been doing aerial photography for over 15 years.  Some of our clients have included the transportation industry, colleges, universities , resorts, industrial as well as residential clients.  We try and always have a bit of lead time on projects to give us the optimum time to shoot your location. Our post production skills in Photoshop are often used to really bring out the property and make it look its best. Photoshop is also a great tool for clearing the haze distant horizons. The drone allows us to get exactly where we need to be and at almost any height.  If you are considering having some aerial photography done we suggest late  April to Early June if you property has a lot of heavy foliage.  Also just after the trees are starting to change as well in fall. These times allow for the less density in the trees and we can often see into the property or area to photograph it at its best.  We also prefer to have a few days window to photograph the area as it allows us the best weather conditions to shoot.  Please call us if you have a project you are interested in having aerial photos done. We can also provide video as well as still photography for most flight missions. Give us a call at 262-515-7309 to discuss how we can help you.