event photography

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 From a major presidential convention, a new store opening, a new drug announcement, charity work,  we have been lucky to photograph so many major events with many well known people.


 Event photography – If it is important call Firstlight Creative.

We have done event photography for both large and small clients. I look back over the years and think how very blessed and fortunate I have been to be in the front row for so many events. Many of these have been  major life changing announcements.  They have included most everything from the Chicago Democratic convention in 1996 to Chicago’s first triathalon. It seems we have done many of these projects and they are all so very different. Last September I had the joy of working on the Lake Geneva Hope Walk. This is  breast cancer awareness program to help under insured individuals get proper screening. We made a video that was in the Medline pink glove dance contest.  We have done sales meetings, new product launches, as well as public relation events, conferences and grand openings.

As a side note, I am always interested in doing work for charitable groups, however just like the people that work for these organization I have a family and bills to pay. I sadly am not able to work for free, however I will do what I can to make my fees attractive enough for your consideration.  I also believe that great photography brings greater value and appreciation to the work of these groups. We are always happy to lend a hand. Feel free to give a call should you have a project. If you need event photography Firstlight Creative has you  covered.

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