Corporate, Exec’s, Real people!


We have photographed many CEO’s, executives and corporate photography projects.


When we are asked to photograph your CEO or Executives, we do our best to make it the most efficient and professional experience for everyone.  Some people might call these portraits, or portrait photography. We feel the term Portrait Photography is too limiting a category.  It would best be seen as personality photography, and we try and create the photo that you wish to exude in.  Our process is pretty simple and straight forward. We show up early, set up and have make up ready if requested.  I know how busy people are and we do everything to get them in and out as soon as possible. If you need your team of executives shot for an annual report, please call Firstlight Creative Photography.  We can shoot your complete staff in a quick and timely fashion.  When we are finished we post the photos to a private viewing gallery where you can make your selections in a relaxed and timely manner.  All photos selected include retouching to make your staff look even better.  Many instances the only complaint we get when shooting in these situations, is, ” I just cannot decide, I like them all!” . True story.

We love to shoot these type of photos either in studio but prefer to shoot “on location”. We do not recommend a backdrop unless it is required.  Photographing in your environment often produces photos that are much more unique and interesting. We are comfortable shooting in both natural light as well as bringing in our own lighting. It is not unusual for us to use a combination of both natural and artificial lighting as you may notice in some of the samples. Be sure to like us on Facebook to see some more of our work. Please be sure to ask us about how to best prepare for this very important photoshoot.

Our work has been seen both on the web and in print including Forbes, Trinity International, Examiner, Lions Club, University of Wisconsin, Cyrus Shank Mfg., Amoco Oil. Van Kampen Investments, Calamos, Morgan Stanley.  Many of our clients are Fortune 500 companies. Please call us for your executive photography.