Medical, Tech, Research, Mfg.

We have worked with medical technology for over 20 years. Hospitals, Labs, Research facilities, manufacturers

We have worked with quite a few Medical groups as well as Tech companies.  They are often surprised that we are somewhat well versed in their industry.

Extensive experience in medical photography. We have done photography in all types of environments. These have included DNA labs, medical research, hospitals, medical labs and clinics.  A funny little secret to share is all those cool photos that you seen in the labs with the different color and the intensity of the scientist or researcher are contrived. Most labs are in some state of disarry and do not look anything like the photos. I am sure there are a few that do but I have never seen one. This provides a wonderful chance to make it look cool and leading edge. It is amazing what you can do with great lighting to make the dull sublime.  Often these photos can make a great composite, (combining images). We have also photographed thousands of medical products from precision surgical instruments to aspirin bottles.  We have developed a very efficient work flow that makes our work fast and of great quality.

This again is another example of  leading edge industry where some of the things we photograph are of proprietary in nature and we can not share all of the projects we have worked on. If you need a professional photographer for medical photography, or technology or research please call us at 262-515-7309.