Product photography

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Product photography at Firstlight Creative

Product photography is one of the services available at Firstlight. We are available to come to you or you are welcome to come to our studio. We are conveniently located between Milwaukee and Chicago. Our studio is not huge but well equipped with everything we need to create the images you need.  Photography for your website, catalog, or sales sheets. We also offer retouching so don’t have to go anywhere else.  Please consider Firstlight Creative for your product photography needs. We use the latest in digital technology which give you the option if you wish to be on site (in studio) or back at your office. We can post the images to a secure private web gallery for your approval. Many clients love this convenience. We use strobe, continous, or available lighting.   If you are interested in keeping up with our work, we often post it to our facebook page before updating this page. Here is a link to that page.